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It is impossible for laypersons to differentiate the material “natural latex” from synthetic latex which is produced from oil. The expensive latex is often “stretched” with chalk or calcium. Also, mattresses with only 2% natural latex are sold as natural latex mattresses, although there certainly are 100% natural latex mattresses available in the retail trade. (further information under natural latex and consumer notes)

In order to balance the lack of protection for the term natural latex, the QUL was founded at the end of 1994 (more information under association). It developed the QUL quality seal.

Since 1997, the QUL has awarded the quality seal or the certificate to natural latex products after careful and extensive laboratory analysis.

You will find the detailed test criteria, award guidelines and testing parameters, as well as samples of the seal and certificate, in the respective sections.

The QUL certificate prevents latex mattresses from containing the following in concentrations which are cause for concern:


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since 1997   [More]
Seit 1997 vergibt der QUL das Qualitätslabel an Naturlatex-Produkte nach sorgfältiger und umfassender Laboranalyse. Nur Matratzen mit dem abgebildeten Aufkleber sind die echten, QUL-zertifizierten Matratzen. [More]