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New complement: addresses of our members and partners.
In the description of our assoctiation you will find general information about the QUL, how, why and by whom it was founded and the main goals.
In the section reports you will discover a detailed scientific report and certificate on carbon disulphides in natural latex.
The section media and press lists articles about the QUL in the media and our press-releases.
If you have another question concerning our association that was not answered here, feel free to get in touch with us.


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Seit 1997 vergibt der QUL das Qualitätslabel an Naturlatex-Produkte nach sorgfältiger und umfassender Laboranalyse. Nur Matratzen mit dem abgebildeten Aufkleber sind die echten, QUL-zertifizierten Matratzen. [More]